You, who flirted through Grindr one night that you both had gone out and were so high that could not sleep but it did allow you to fuck your brains out in one of those memorable and infinite nights. One of those nights that end up with each one sleeping in their own bed.

You, who disappeared just because you just finished a relationship and the typical topic “I’m in a bad moment” was the most valid recurring explanation you could use.

You, who popped out on his Instagram day after day just to ask if anyone who accompanied him in the photos was his boyfriend and always getting, along with the denial, the same invitation that you always silently declined: “We could repeat”.

You, who almost a year later, knowing his ease for you, suggested the repetition of that memorable shag only to disappear again for months.

You, who wrote him again to recriminate him having started a relationship.

You, who appeared and dissappeared like a bubble at Super Buster Bros.

You, who are as bold as brass.

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