I know happiness is not as easy to sell as sorrow, but it comes out naturally to put laziness and worries aside, because it is true that, as Ana Torroja says, smiles makes everything look different as they bring back happiness and good vibes.

Today I’m going to leave my sorrow behind. I just want to think about positive emotions this past year has provided me with… Yes, that hateful year also had moments I want to take into consideration. In the end, simple things are what make life big, but we insist on forgetting about them… Including myself! That is why I feel like treating myself with a good amount of smiles, just because.

You, and you, and you have supplied my year with smiles, you probably more than one. You, and you, and you are part of what I choose to remember from last year.

Watching silly videos on YouTube and laugh, having you sitting on my lap while we go through the drunkenness of the night, lying on the park and feel the dry leaves while you tell me back jokes, taking a picture together so you can edit it with every possible filter and yet I still look as cute as you, becoming addicted to cider because of you, grazing your hand and shivering, you telling me your issue with your new man, you turning up at my office to have a 3-hour chat after not having seeing each other in months, you insisting on me going on vacation with you and me finally giving in, you hugging me while I hopelessly cried makes me smile now too.

What a big smile I now have thanks to you!

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