We could at least learn that tomorrow is just that: tomorrow, and that we cannot be sure if it will even be there. However, we can be sure of what we have today. And we constantly forget to say I love you, to say I’m sorry, to say thank you.

To say I love you to the person next to us, a year ago, ten years ago, or twenty years ago. For being and for holding.

To say I’m sorry for every inconvenience caused, even if we don’t feel it as such, because if it does feel like an inconvenience to that person, it already is.

To say thank you for being, because it’s not about having. We could at least learn that yesterday is over and that whatever it was, it should stay there.

I wish you lots of ‘I love you’ to be added every day, ‘I’m sorry’ to learn and ‘thank you’ to bring you closer.

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