I found funny the way you flattered me by DM on Instagram. I am not used to it nor have I assumed it as something usual, so you made me put a smile on my face a couple of times with your comments. Without nagging me, not overnight, but at a steady pace, you contacted me a couple of days.

The laughter and the smiles overlapped with a disappointing day at work and you found my weakness, that day where I was not that alert and you got to discover my less strong spots, and, without realizing, I opened the door to all my fears and my vulnerabilities came to light. I guess I found a strange support, which is sometimes freer than the one from close friends.

Without being aware of it, I have led to a step forward and the texts have a more intimate content. Without realizing I may create no real expectations with my attitude.

Days go by and we comment our ups and downs but you take some steps forward that do not correspond with the ones that I would naturally take myself to be mutual… so the calls first and the texts afterwards get more distant and cold.

After a few weeks, you already are a memory. The cheerful guy who made of that month a better one.

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