– What did you expect? – My “philosopher” friends reproached. Those who have great guessing skills for my future love life but who do not actually get right the result of any of my affairs. – Did you think someone who has a boyfriend would break up with him for you? Did you think you were different? Are you really that dumb?

That must be it, that I am dumb. I thought he was someone special. It must be that even if there were other people, I believed that I was that one who would cross the line of a regular affair, that one who would give him the strength to put an end to that dark life he said he had.

It must be that I believed his words, but, above all, his green looks, his goosebumps when he touched me, his promises with that choppy voice when he apologized.

– You’re so smart for certain things, but so dumb for others . – They added, keeping on “helping me”. – You shouldn’t believe in the first one who tells you something nice.

I don’t know what I should believe, but I decide to keep the faith, even if all ends up as an affair.

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