Today I got up with enough time in advance. I wanted to enjoy breakfast peacefully. I turn on the TV and all the news are the same: national political disagreements, international warlike conflicts, and a few soccer matters…

And with this idea in my head of having enough time, I end up running out of it and leaving home late. I run off to the metro and I manage to find a free seat. Today should be a good day. The best songs from this year’s Eurovision song contest keep playing on my headphones.

– I should probably change my playlist – I think, but I never get to do it because I notice a guy in front of me who won’t stop gazing discreetly.

Six metro stops take place amid glances. We pretend to check out Twitter, but we soon go back to gazing at each other. He’s blond, slim, very handsome, and with a palpable shyness that makes him even more attractive. We arrive at the sixth stop and I have to stand, but he goes ahead and gets off at that same station. We look at each other and give knowing smiles.

It’s time. We get off the car and walk towards the train transfer. How lucky I am! We pass the metro card over different turnstiles without taking our eyes off of each other. We both choose the same direction. The screen announces that the next train will be arriving at the station in one minute. The blond guy follows my steps. I decide to run in order not to miss the train. He stays behind.

Six metro stops go by without taking full advantage of them.

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