I know where to begin: by opening my planner on the last page to note down my steps from beginning to end, or my new year resolutions rather.

I’m going to pen “pride” in December, yes, pride in everything I’ve accomplished, without reproaching myself for my mistakes nor longing for the lost.

I go back to November and for this month I’ve got one of the shortest words in terms of letters, but the longest in terms of content: peace. Feel it and live it.

For October, my favorite month, something important: to stop arguments before they blow up in order not to extend the unnecessary. For September, and not least important: a big “me”. I come first.

Here comes summer, August. The holiday month that we use to go over our achievements and make some modifications if needed. My month to calibrate.

July and fostering tranquility. June and playing down my setbacks, May and persistence.

In April, I will write down a big “patience” for those things that are meant to happen at their own time without rushing them.

Coming through unscathed from external lies without getting hurt would be a great resolution for March.

February, the month I’ve always loathed for being the shortest yet the longest and most tiring of all. I’m going to pen it down as “free from toxicity” so it provides the following months with that freedom.

January is on the right track as it already contains a very appreciated order that I lacked last year. An order that, from begining to end, will enable be to take leaps, small steps… but steps after all.

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