I’m the one who kissed you at a restaurant for the first time. The one who made you shiver under the sheets time and time again. The one you talked about to your friends with a wide smile.

I’m the one who lent you some chairs for you to have in your new home. The one who accompanied you to Ikea, Leroy, and Europolis. The one who measured the space of your new nightstands.

I’m the one whom you confessed your most intimate secret and gave you the best of his hugs.

But I’m also the one who hid your adventures on Scruff. The one who remained silent while waiting for you to come clean as I threw rhetorical questions at you in a mot very naive way.

Believe it or not, I’m the one who your ex called to… and with a planner in hand explained unfortunate coincidences in time to me.

I’m the one who fell hard and refused to let you go with a backpack full of lies. The one who learned after he didn’t love himself enough after all. The one who, despite the past, will fall, hug, kiss, and love again without fears and trickeries. Only love, only true love.

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