Arriving in Madrid with your suitcases packed with hope, dreams, goals, and your head in the clouds. Choosing the capital to prepare your RMI with the same yearning for taking the city by storm.

I’m sorry for the spoiler, but the foresight turned out to anticipate what was coming.

A few years of severe discipline, long hours in the library, fine practical precision and he could have graduated medical school without putting it off like many of his classmates. A privileged man thanks to his ways and level-headedness.

Moving to another city resulted in him knocking down his plans and his willingness, and during his new lectures, which are tough and require another dose of discipline, he found himself checking out his Instagram compulsively. Likes, comments, the need for approval, and time investment. He is unable to make his profile grow as much as he would have liked nor concentrate on his classes.

Parties yet unknown, WE and the studs, Fridays at Boite, a few Baila Cariño, Sundays for Tanga and why not… Kluster for his raunchiest moments. So many new guys to taste and so little time to feed his lust for life.

And in certain moments of self-doubt, he was always there, that conventional guy he could always turn to in search of shelter. The one he always found easier to tell his weaknesses to until he starts giving his own comments, his own doubts and his own arguments in return and he seems blunt, abrupt, and even wrong. It is then that the doctor in the making tries to unsuccessfully send back some help.

Now, a few months later, he keeps having the best parties, an Instagram account with not as many likes, a totally dismissed RMI, an ex and longing devoured by the city.

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