I dream of taking you there. Turning those many fantasies into a reality at last.

I dream of seeing your face amazed by the mist in the woods that surround the horizon, the green that travels through the parks till the Nervión, and the metallic gray of the Guggenheim that merges with the streets of the Ensanche.

I dream of enjoying The Fellini with you on an ordinary Thursday. Laughing at their usual acts while I watch you crack up… An Aste Nagusi with the fireworks, Pinpi and its glitter.

I dream of pintxos at the Plaza Nueva and of a dip at the Azkuna pool. I dream of you getting excited about my loved ones: distant at first, but eventually honest.

I dream of showing you where I grew up, what gave me my essence and sharing it with you.

I dream of seeing your eyes shine while discovering it and of your eternal smile while you hold my hand tight as we walk along Gran Vía.

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