A guy flirts with you on Instagram, one of those you call followers, and he’s not bad at all. You could say that he is handsome, has a good body and even seems nice. And even though you’re in that boycott period when you question everything, you say why not?… once you’re back from your week off, you’ll meet.

Now you are back, and the boy does not insist but you do not move a finger… Not long time after that, a discreet “hello” appears in your messages and you become aware of that negligence from before doesn’t take you anywhere, so you promise that after Fallas, you’ll meet.

Now not only weeks pass, but months. And meanwhile, you complain about the speed of sex for sex in your social networks, the lack of commitment and the difficulty of knowing someone. 

You need new photos for your profile and you look for someone on your network. You receive a private message then:

– Is it that sad that you’ll only meet me if I tell you that I have a Canon? 😛

– No way,  in your case, I have to meet you so I don’t look like an asshole.

– Well, yes, you’ are right, to be honest.

– If you’re an asshole, I do not care if I’m like a jerk myself.

And just like that, you go from wanting to avoid looking like something by calling someone that same thing you avoid. The boycott is still your predominant rule.

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