I know my homeland but obviously you can give me more accurate information about it and its circumstances than me.

You have lived in another country for fifteen years, but obviously you are more objective to talk about what is happening in Madrid than its inhabitants.

You felt the heart breaking consequences of a divorce as a child but obviously a traditional family is better than the single or homosexuals parents that surround you.

You say you should be fucking everyone instead of being at home waiting for him and then he gets upset about it, but obviously it’s because of lack of humor … his humor.

They announce the HPV campaign and its vaccine but  you obviously guarantee without possibility of error that it is not administered due to its invalidity.

I warn you of your possible mistake with certain statements but obviously I just do it due to my pleasure to generate conflict.

I think I’m going to give you back that comment you’ve given me several times: “Whatever you say.” 

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