Your plan was having lunch in your neighborhood. My plan was facing you because what was happening was doing us no good. That’s what my friends told me. That’s what my head said, I just had to tell you that this had to stop.

I knocked and you opened the door. Your smile had no end. Julia Roberts’s mouth was tiny all of a sudden. You stooped nervously, shrugging your shoulders and all the wrinkles of your already swollen eyes suddenly appeared.

You threw yourself into my arms and we merged. My head stopped repeating the speech and went blank. In that moment my heart took the chance and made himself noticeable. 

We went to your house and you kissed me.  A sweet, moist and long kiss. I couldn’t resist. You held me so strong that you seemed to be the tall and big of the two of us. 

– I was nervous. I needed you to come. I needed you here with me – that comment took over me.

Without removing your smile, you crossed me, you won me, you disassembled me. And I felt that there was no point in confronting you because I had never wanted to.

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