To be honest I never liked your boyfriend. So distant, quiet and shy that he gave himself so many airs and graces. I actually always felt that his excuse of being a shy person was the perfect alibi to hide the fact that he did not like me.

To be honest my boyfriend never liked you. He did not like your “know-it-all” attitude (although you actually knew what you were talking about), nor your pessimism, where, according to him, you got me caught up in. Right or not, what was completely true was that the combination of the four of us was a disaster and it was crystal clear to me that we would distance sooner or later. And we did.

A few years later, I know you achieved your dreams.  I am not surprised because I think you are one of those typical strong women that I have had in my life who are disguised as weakness. I always trusted you and thought that life would give you good things back. I know you quit your job, that one which did not bring you any happiness, and that you’re currently making a living from what you like, that you came back to Spain to live by the coast as you always joked about when we talked about our distant future… and I also know that you will marry him. I have that well-meaning envy that one feels when things go well to someone that you love.

To be honest I never liked your boyfriend, but I did like you, even if I wish it were not like that.

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