I have always liked daring people so much. Those who take risks while knowing that everything has its consequences (sometimes good and others not that much).

Lots may assure that these people are fearless. I believe they do feel this fear, but they face it to leave it aside.

I have always liked daring people so much because they are truthful. They bet on things and get involved.

Lots may think these people are careless and that consequences don’t affect them. And I believe that due to their straightforward attitude they demonstrate that they care, since they take a stance and act. They might be affected as much as the rest by a negative response, but they already count on it as a possibility.

I have always liked people who do not avoid saying “I love you” because of being afraid to be rejected. Or those who put friendship ahead of their own mere selfishness. Those who risk while being brave, those who expose themselves, those who fight.

Lots may say these people are close to madness. I also believe it and that is why I like them… because maybe I want to be like that as well.

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