You know that he and I were never friends… but there was a turning point in our treatment. A few years ago, I overlapped with him on a sunny Saturday in a public swimming pool. It was not that one we go for posing… but the one in my neighbourhood, where you can find all kinds of people: busybodies, migrant families, snobs, dirty old men, flashy basic men and all the diversity of crowds that you can find in “the world of swimming-pools” in Madrid.

There he was, alone and exhibiting his ripped body in the kids and wealthy women area. I am not going to lie… he obviously stood out from the rest. On the other hand, I was with my ex and his son in the gay area… I do not need to clarify that we also stood out. 

We saw each other. There was no doubt, we saw each other and without feeling like it (honestly, it was a compromise for me), I showed signs of approaching you to say hi. I say I showed signs of that because I never ended up doing it, it was just an attempt, since once he looked at me and saw I was getting closer, he started picking up his towel and left the area. 

Now I remember it as something completely absurd, but in that moment, I just turned around full of embarrassment. 

Playing dumb is something that I have done several times in my life, I admit it, but in my mind, I cannot remember any case as obvious as this one. 

And I don’t consider myself as someone who is politically correct, but in some moments, I keep my composure. At least he clarified that there was no need to keep it and, in that way, made obvious that he and I were never friends.

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