– Hi! The usual?
– Yeah
There’s this tiny coffee shop at the train station and she always makes me a coffee with warm lactose free milk and no sugar.
– Here you are. Anything else?
– No, thank you. Have a nice day.
– You too!
Our relationship consists of the repetition of this very same scene. She’s blonde, dressed in black, little make-up, and a big smile. I guess she does the morning shift because there’s another girl behind the counter when I head back from work. I guess she gets off and goes home to eat something and she meets her boyfriend in the afternoon to go for a walk at the Retiro Park to survive the heat. I guess she wears bright colors in her daily life… just as bright as her. But above all, I picture her giving smiles away. 

I’ll order a decaf tomorrow and I might guess something else about her.

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