That hand-carved wooden box was given to me by one of these important people who’ve come into my life and that, due to distance, I’ve lost touch with. 

I don’t think she’d remember this gift. It’s been twenty years since we said goodbye and we haven’t seen each other since. So memories are stored and every once in a while they pop up… just like the wooden box. 

It was kept at the top of the closet I rarely check out. It’s the place where I keep things I hardly use, but I like to have: a letter from my mom when she lived in London, a picture with my dad, a worn out thread bracelet, an earring, a Mecano magnet… 

The box, the memories, her… It all takes me back to the most natural in me. I think I’m going to update it and add some other stuff. And I’m not going to put it back at the top of the closet. Certain things should never be forgotten.

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