The one who always complains. The one who fixes the mess. The one with the strong values. The one with the deep voice. The one with the imposing appearance. The one who shows seriousness. The one who follows the schedule…

It was easy to connect cause and effect. Who wouldn’t think that putting up with a guy like that would be the hard part? Who wouldn’t say that it was clear that one was unbearable and the other patient?

It’s all over and it’s up to the general public to determine the guilt of one of the parties in such a disastrous end. It is better to find a target where all the darts are aimed and a more complicated explanation that blurs our preconceptions is neither necessary nor required.

It was easy to imagine the bad faces and the worst words that made one good and the other one evil. It was easy to notice that perennial smile and that sweet voice, that one never gives an opinion and always seems to agree.

It was easier not to ask. It was easier to judge and to err.

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