I must have enjoyed several summers and several Christmases. I had to get over theantihistamines several times. I must have imposed several times around school. I had to gothrough several full sets of the annual seasons to figure it out. Not one or two years wereenough.

And it’s not like I’m a slow learner… but this time it took longer than I would have predicted.

It was time to reset, that one that life begs you to do but that you decide not to do, that one thatis necessary and painful at the same time.

t was time to learn to move forward and after several failed attempts to start a new chapter ofthe same book, it was only chapters of the new season of the same soap opera.

I must have made the same mistakes I had complained about, the same ones I had blamed. Ishould have accepted them and accepted myself, I should have forgiven and forgiven myself.And it wasn’t that I was the type with the repetitive obsessions… but this time the reset was theonly and best way to start over.

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