Colours were always important to me: in the boring food, in the autumn in the parks, in the houses on the seafront, in the flowers on my arm… They’re not part of my life. They are my life.

Just as true as that sometimes I have grey and black moments, days or stages that hide those important colours. I can remember one of those times painted with charcoal. Maybe it lasted too long, I could convince myself that it lasted as long as it should have, but it didn’t… it lasted longer than it should have. And yes, the blacks gave way to the greys and after several months of subtle bursts of golden light I suddenly found myself sitting on an orange sofa, badly concealing my emotional side. Good omen of what was to come.

Two weekends were enough for me to be caught between candles by the neediest hug, that one I wasn’t even aware of. The best memory of all because to this day I still feel it. A cozy hug like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that has been spreading over the months. And gradually the colours joined one after the other.
● The purple serenity of the one who welcomes you from the beginning, who approaches you without hesitation, who displays his melancholy and places his trust in you.
● Nature, freedom, that necessary madness. Natural green.
● The silvery peace, with the sound of laughter included. I’ve always loved peace of sound.
● The fresh and close calm. A found emerald, a recovered hope, a breathe.
● The balanced green, the moderate and the savoir-faire.
● The caution, the intelligent yellow looking for innovation.
● The warmth of the sun, summer all year round and the joy it brings.
● The sentimental lilac, maturity and empathy.
● The confidence, the neutral beige, the reassuring look.
● Seriousness, robust as the earth we walk on.
● The blue security, the stability and the shapes.
● The vermilion energy that has accompanied me since the beginning and I hope it will continue to do likewise throughout the years.
● The pink softness, the tenderness and the caring of seduction.
● The red, because it could not be more red, of love, passion, emotion, affection and pride.
● The expression and vitality like the fuchsia of well-painted lips.
● The mysterious, elegant and silent black that adds up.
● The creativity and spontaneity of orange.
● The truth of the smile, truth as the indigo from the bottom of the sea, that goes beyond, that conquers.
● The calm blue of someone who soothes with his talk, when he gives his opinion, when he asks.
● And the golden wisdom of all those who shared their strengths, their skills, their passions.
I take all those colours with me, along with the gratitude inside my backpack, because they have drawn a better me, a fuller, safer and happier me. It will be my treasure, the treasure of these months: your colours in me.

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