9:30 p.m. and there is still light outside. The birds seem to be drawing my attention so that the days don’t go by lying on the sofa.

However, this time I’m going to listen to them as if I really was Snow White, with less naivety and more despair, of course.

I put on that semi-destroyed sleeveless T-shirt that if mum saw it it would be gone and a pair of shorts. High socks, freshly washed white sneakers and the earplugs.

Shakira’s “Tú” starts scorting me as I walk down the stairs and open the door. Without thinking, I automatically go to the park and sit on the grass when the song ends. I don’t let another one start. But I do open my IPhone Notes where, after months of drought, the lines jump into my brain and the phone’s keys help writing them down. Inspiration is back. I am back.

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