Diego was dreading exactly what ended up happening.

He met one of those poster guys: tall, dark hair, shy smile, well-built, but mostly, an unrivalled magnetism. Aitor was truly more than that. he was the whole package.

Olé Olé played the soundtrack of what a look can cause. They spent five hours singing and dancing while feeling each other. Just like two teenagers they said goodbye and promised they would see each other again. They knew that chemistry between them was beyond physical. A week flooded with WhatsApp texts were enough to decide the distance between their two cities would shorten the following week despite what their lips were longing for.

Diego’s preposterous fear of not being enough, of it being just a one-night stand, together with Aitor’s angst for remaining closeted and unaccepted resulted in utter confrontation: fears, insecurities, a total block and no freedom to cater and understand that their skins and hearts were saying otherwise.

Aitor, rejecting the reality, decided it simply did not flow. Diego, after all the rage and the wail, finally caved in. They both chose the easy way out: cheating.

It was a summer night and a bus that departed before it was supposed to. All those experiences left to live. Unexpressed caresses.  Ungiven kisses.  A missed goodbye.

Diego was scared. So was Aitor. 

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