I’ve been following you on social media for quite some time now. You’ve been following me too, but we’ve never shared a comment. A cute guy who delights the eye with his daily shots and whose many songs are music to my ears.

I’m invited to the theater and without knowing it, there you are playing a main role. It makes me happy to see you, hear you and I even like to think that we’re close somehow. That fake and invented closeness provided by social networks. Once the play is over I don’t hesitate to PM you in 0rder to congratulate you on your performance. I say goodbye to my friends and as I’m getting home I receive your response.

– I wish you would’ve congratulated me in person.

Said and done. I turn around and retrace my steps. We meet at a coffee shop and I discover this shy, insecure, and stubborn guy, behind the handsome artist… and yes, even more attractive than I thought. He reminds me of my hometown counstryside poppies: fragile and strong at the same time.

The evening chat takes us on a walk along Gran Vía as the singing instagrammer spontaneously suggests:– I’ll walk you half way.

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