I’ve decided to start a project and I barely have time for anything.

I’m going to my father’s town because I need to wind down, as you can imagine.

I’m so sorry, but the Treasury Department, the Social Security, my lawyer, my accountant, and the franchised are draining my sleep and my energy this week. 

A friend from Granada is coming to visit in a few days. We’ll go out for a gin and tonic somewhere downtown.

I’m afraid it won’t be possible this time, I’m in the middle of some construction work at the store and you know, you have to be up everybody’s ass.

I’m so tired a few days in Berlin will do wonders for me.

What a coincidence! I’ve got a wedding next week!

We’ve already started interviewing the staff and it’s a process that takes way too long.

I’m traveling to London to meet with my European partners, but let’s get together once I get back for sure.

The opening of my business is causing me so much stress.

My family is coming over and I have to spend time with them.

By the way, I’m seeing someone. I don’t think it is OK to make plans with you now. Who knows! Maybe in the future.

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