Are there really fixed norms for a relationship to work? Someone please break them down for me so that I can stick to them.

You’re not supposed to call a person the day after you meet… You’re supposed to take your time when you fall for someone, living together a step that requires time. They say you shouldn’t rush things and say “I love you” even if you feel it.

For what I understand then, you’ve got to disguise your feeling, be proud, and stop you engines. Basically what is commonly known as chickening out.

What if I’m intense? What if pride turn me off? What if disguise means indifference? What if two people never separate and it works? What if I never settle for mediocrity? What if?

That’s why I complain. I don’t think things need their time when it comes to love. I don’t believe in finding the perfect timing. No, I don’t. I feel and I love, I bet on it. As simple as difficult as that. It’s a question of having the balls, but sometimes we don’t. I’m complaining about it and I’m not going to stick to those norms you’re supposed to stick to because in order to love you have to be brave, otherwise you’re not loving.

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