I asked you to help me with my childish impatience, with my never ending persistence, with my inappropriate verbosity… because yes, I admit it. I can’t help it but to repeat over and again what no necessity has to be repeated.

I asked you to do it softly, as I’m the rude one. I asked you to be patient, as I’m the impatient one. Yes, i asked you to cope with it until I was able to smooth out my manners.

I asked you to be honest to yourself, something I struggle to be with myself.

“I always knew it’s best to, when it’s a two-way thing, to start with oneself” as Shakira said… because when it comes to a two-way thing, it’s hardly ever a two-way thing.

Was that too much to ask? Was that my responsibility? Maybe I should say it was my irresponsibility. Ok, I’ll admit that.

Two-way things are never two-way things… We all can provide examples of it. I may number a bunch of them in another post, or maybe not. Otherwise I’d be repeating myself as I’ve already done so with this one!

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