During dinner, after the corresponding event, you confess you just ended a relationship that has left you scarred. A few months into it, the guy was shameless enough to tell you he neither didn’t want to carry on nor lose you.

Mario doesn’t even try to hide his bitter gesture in order to state he’s not by your side because he wants to make new friends. Your confession warns him of the very common “I’m going through a tough time”. You realize his lack of hypocrisy, but from that moment on, instead of remaining distant, you start to demand his attention and you manage to get it.

Wednesdays at his place watching OT keep adding up. He never pretends not to feel attraction and, although you appreciate his inhibition tactics, it gets to a point where reason defeats emotion and Mario decides not to continue with this game he always loses. Your answer: you don’t want to lose him. However, considering his protest, you choose to sink him into oblivion as you get offended.

A few months later, you text him as if nothing had happened, but you hide certain information: you are still seeing the guy who damaged you. The truth is there  never was a formal break-up, just several disputes… But what you don’t know is that Mario knows your game well and, at this point, he just couldn’t care less.

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