You’ve decided that your relationship came to an end a long time ago. You’ve mandated yourself that it didn’t work out. You’ve sentenced it, so you feel free. Therefore, you hit on that hunk you used to follow on social media and he took the bait. You manifest both your sexual appetite and your relationship conditions… It was a piece of cake.

It takes you less than a week to get bored and you decide to somewhat vanish by replying with one-syllable words. But you get bored with your own boredom and you call him up on a Thursday after dining out with your friends. It’s late, but he’s dying to see you. Again, it was a piece of cake.

Wild sex and spooning. Next morning, he goes to work while you’re still tossing and turning in bed. Alone and rested in a strange bed, you get up, have something for breakfast, shower, and grab a gray Nike tee that fits you like a glove. You really took his word: Make yourself at home!

Since it’s a local festivity, you invite your friends over for drinks and gush about your new catch. You’re warned this guy has a different sexual encounter every week, so your morality decides to terminate this so-called relationship. You mandate it isn’t working. You sentence it, so you feel liberated once more. Yes, just like that… yet again.

You go back to disappearing, and due to this insatiable fornicator’s insistence, you mention what has been brought to your attention regarding his behavior. You don’t accept any response, though. Very easy.

Now you’ve got a reason, an excuse, and a new T-shirt in order to have a new goal… although the truth is you never really needed it.

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