Writing about a feeling makes you be more soft-hearted. Going over your love affairs (if love is actually the proper word) must mean that you are ‘too intense’. Taking pictures of yourself wearing less clothes than usual implies that you are looking for something else…

Dramatic or superficial, a fucker or a too sophisticated guy, apathetic or extreme… We all will see what we want to see and not what is really going on. Sometimes we just need to be a little bit more open-minded and get to see more than what we have in front of us, as most of our prejudices would be wrong most of the time. My grandmother used to say that we shouldn’t go from one extreme to another. I love how obvious this statement sounds and how important it is to understand it when it comes to describing someone.

In this world of virtual visibility, it looks difficult to understand that we are puzzles made of many more pieces than the ones we can purely see and generalizing about particularities is not the way, don’t you think?

Every single thing deserves some time. It is better to have a little of ‘everything’ than a lot of ‘nothing at all’.

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