– How handsome you are! – repeated Luis again while Juan smiled him back slightly sceptical.
– Come on… I bet you say that to everyone – recriminated Juan waiting for the response that he knew would follow.- What do you think? That I’m not picky?- Flatterer, that’s what you are, a flatterer.

And this is how the conversations replicated but changing our main characters: the guy he started seeing in January, the one in April and that one in October as well… Juan will tell this to Javier, Michael and Pedro… and they will all respond with the exact same answer. And even if he didn’t end up believing it, Juan was looking for the same answer from his new conquests over and over again. The same well-worn compliment, the same hope hidden in distrust, the same vain comment and the same affectionate reprobation. Juan reaches to the same doomed conclusion: they are all flatterers.

– How can you be so handsome? – asked Juan to Adrien.– I bet you say that to everyone – responded Adrien sceptically with a frown set on his face.– I’m not into everyone!

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