As Jordi Tello said in one of his interviews, writing is something therapeutic, a way of putting an end to stories in our life… and as if life was a book, I am going to write so I can put an end to this year’s chapter.

I would like to start with you. So many years together and so many years far from each other. I promised myself that I would do what I could to see you more often. This time it is a real promise, not those that you just say aloud, but those you really believe… and I have already started to make it happen.

You, who are always there, who always help me stand up when I fall (which happened a couple of times during this chapter). We have argued so much and we have loved each other even more. I am sorry for how careless I have been with you recently. I am trying to change that and I will do it even more and better in the future.

You both have taken part in important moments in my life without you even realising… You tiptoed into my life and now you are in the limelight in a way that I love.

To those who left without saying goodbye, you are a part of me and I am keeping in my affection drawer all those moments, which made me and still make me smile. To you, who left saying goodbye, grumbling… I also have you in that drawer; it makes me smile as well… maybe I will write a ‘hello’ from you in the next chapter.

You, who have become my other part; I already loved you, but I do even more now. We have delighted ourselves with our personal dramas and ephemeral happy moments, our cries and multiple laughs. There is nobody better than you to laugh together at ourselves.

If I force myself to be cold, I would say that I do not trust you… but I would like to tell you more things than what you may imagine. I would like to give you a chance more, maybe because I want to give it to myself… it is true, I am selfish.

To those who started playing a little role in this chapter and whose moments in the spotlight have ended up exceeding my expectations, what a nice surprise you have been. We will write together some parts of the next chapter in my book. 

Nevertheless, if during this chapter you have not been in the spotlight for many paragraphs, ask yourself why and if you do not come up with an answer, ask me and we will solve this together.

Maybe closing in the true sense of the word should be done in a different way… or maybe not… because I believe that some stories do not deserve a full stop, but an ellipsis and a ‘to be continued’.

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