How beautiful it is to find somebody with whom you can dance naturally without him guiding you. How beautiful it is when you complain and you cannot see anything but affection in that person’s eyes. How beautiful it is when you get naked on the inside as well as on the outside…

Those moment did not last forever but made me feel as the main character of our own story. Those are the moments that I remember when I close my eyes and think about you.

How beautiful it is when we burst out laughing together while watching that geeky show. How beautiful it is when your hand looks for mine in the middle of that club so we do not get lost. How beautiful it is when even brushing our teeth at the same time leads to a wink when our eyes meet…

Even if this was only meant to last in the past… even if you did not want to walk this path with me today, even if you decided to ignore me tomorrow or eventually decided to block me on all social media the day after… even if that was the case, even if that happened, I would still think about how beautiful it is to feel it that way.

How beautiful it is to open my eyes when we were sunbathing and finding your smile looking at me… just because. How beautiful it is that you help me dream with us having more chances.

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