A good job. Jose, an engineer, handled diligently all the work conflicts he had to deal with daily thanks to his perseverance and coldness. Raúl, a pharmacist, who passed on his enthusiasm and discipline among his team. 

A killer physique. Jose and his constant CrossFit training had managed to shape his muscles and showing his core had become easier. Raúl and his passion for swimming was his colleagues’ envy, who admired his fit muscles as much as his intelligence.  

A positive sign. Life had hit Rául hard via his boyfriend and he was never able to get over it. He spent years without sharing his reality nor his temporary breakdowns, always making up excuses every three months in order to avoid his quarterly appointments, turning his everyday into a lie. It had been two years since Rául had an affair during an overseas trip and he went back home with a change in his blood. Two years of personal confusion, self-blame, and finding shelter in drugs and sexchill. 

A sabotaged couple. Jose moved on fast with guys and they even overlapped. Still he was unable to find that external source of happiness that would fulfill him within. Raúl proclaimed himself destructive, walking away from those who would show closeness, empathy, and the kind of love he didn’t allow himself. 

An internalized stigma. Jose and his fear of being rejected by his family. Raúl and his fear of self rejection. They both indentified social clichés and incorporated them into their lives. Undetectable in their treatment. Undetectable by love. 

Common hope. Javier, Luis, Sandra, Tomás, María, and many others are waiting for Jose and Raúl to find out the truly positive thing, beyond blod, byond flesh… The positive thing about growing and feeling those who love and are loved, those who accept and are accepted far outnumber the rest.

Farewell, stigma. Hello, love.

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